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Abigor - Höllenzwang (Chronicles Of Perdition)

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CD - Black-Metal

Abigor - Höllenzwang (Chronicles Of Perdition)

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Abigor - Höllenzwang (Chronicles Of Perdition)
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Abigor needs no introduction. The Austrian beast is a quarter of a century old, and there is no chance that its furious, uncompromising black metal hasn t crossed the path of any blackster worldwide. Höllenzwang marks the tenth studio album by T.T. and P.K. - among a countless number of EPs, demos, splits and compilations - and the duo chose to reach this goal in the name of innovation and tradition, just as they always did. Title of a book by the infamous alchemist Johann Faust, Höllenzwang is German for infernal compulsion, and by now you should know what to expect from an Abigor full-length album. In the band own words, Höllenzwang was recorded without a single blastbeat, without multi-guitar madness or downtuned disharmonic riffing. String wise, minimalism was the law - only one guitar left, one guitar right, and a bass in the middle. Not one single additional guitar-track to add soli, melodies or double-tracks. Lyrically, all hokuspokus and theological pondering was avoided. It´s not an album of a seeker, or about one´s initiation, or to lecture, but about the Devil and the Devil only! An impulsive work stripped down to the very basics that maybe could have been released in the 1990s. This technical restriction as well as a focus on the the evil force that sparked Black Metal ablaze at the beginning of the 90s also torched our work again. Just like in the old days, Silenius took care of the vocals on this album, even though he is still considered a session member. Abigor is back. Be ready to welcome the Infernal One once again.


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