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Artillery - Deadly Relics

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LP - Speed/Thrash-Metal

Artillery - Deadly Relics

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Artillery - Deadly Relics
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Ltd edition grey / blue splatter vinyl (500 copies) / ”Deadly Relics” was originally released in 1998 on Mighty Music as the second release ever on the label. But now, 21 years later, the album will be re-released in a brand new version in a beautiful package with all new artwork by Roberto Toderico, liner notes, rare photos, an exclusive interview with founding member Michael Stützer & all new mastering from the Medley Studios. The legendary Danish thrash metal band re-visit the old days ”Deadly Relics” is an album with a lot of great and funny memories from the early days of Denmark’s thrash metal kings Artillery. An absolute must-have for all fans of thrash metal. Including some really rare and never officially released demo songs from the band. The album is based on the two demos ”Shellschock” and ”Deeds Of Darkness” from 1984 recorded at Ole Erlings sound Studio, with a line up containing Carsten Lohman on vocals, Jørgen Sandau on guitar, Michael Stützer on guitar, Morten Stützer on bass and Carsten Nielsen on drums. It also contains two tracks of the first demo with Flemming Rønsdorf as a singer - “Fear Of Tomorrow” from 1985 – which gave the band the recording deal with Neat Records. Also included on ”Deadly Relics” is the 1989 single releases ”Khomaniac” and ”Don’t Believe”, with a line up containing Flemming Rønsdorf on vocals, Morten Stützer on guitar, Michael Stützer on guitar, Peter Thorslund on bass and Carsten Nielsen on drums. Both were written on a tour in Russia and recorded in Sweet Silence with Producer Flemming Rasmussen in 1989, allowing the band to secure a record deal with Roadrunner.


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