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Cardiac Arrest - The Stench Of Eternity

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CD - Death-Metal

Cardiac Arrest - The Stench Of Eternity

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Cardiac Arrest - The Stench Of Eternity
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HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present the highly anticipated eighth album of America's CARDIAC ARREST, The Stench of Eternity. - Formed in 1997, Chicago's CARDIAC ARREST have become something of an underground institution with their unapologetically horror-inspired death metal. Never catering to the trends, CARDIAC ARREST have remained a force to be reckoned with and show no signs of compromise. With numerous releases, festival appearances, tours in the US, Canada, and Europe, and respect of peers and fans alike, CARDIAC ARREST proudly carries the flag of true DEATH METAL.- Newly allied with HELLS HEADBANGERS, CARDIAC ARREST saw the reissue of their second album (and favorite), 2008's Cadaverous Presence, on vinyl for the first time ever during the summer of 2023. Continuing this blood pact is the long-awaited release of The Stench of Eternity, their eighth album overall. CARDIAC ARREST's preceding album, The Day That Death Prevailed, was released during the cursed year of 2020, and the following years were even more difficult for the band. Nevertheless, all that darkness and bitterness positively spill over on the ever-aptly-titled The Stench of Eternity. Sticking to their guns but firing 'em uglier and nastier than ever, CARDIAC ARREST kick into their characteristic sound with sickly aplomb: gallop, blast, mix 'em up, and repeat as necessary until the listener is either possessed or decimated! A no-nonsense approach to be sure, but to do it this convincingly - and, after all these years, without rehashing the same ideas - is a skill elusive to most. Couple that with CARDIAC ARREST's catchiest and most varied songwriting to date, as well as a production that manages to be both crystal-clear and exceptionally dirty simultaneously, and The Stench of Eternity becomes essential huffing for the sickest fucks. Timeless and trend-free, for over 25 years now: ONLY DEATH METAL IS REAL!


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