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Seputus - Man Does Not Give

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LP - Death-Metal

Seputus - Man Does Not Give

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Seputus - Man Does Not Give
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12'' LP edition limited to 100 including 11x17 full color poster and the CD version of "Man does not give" / SEPUTUS debut album, featuring PYRRHON members, is a masterpiece of extreme music! FFO: Old CARCASS (2nd album), PYRRHON, ABYSSAL... Pure sickness! Featuring band members from NY's powerhouse PYRRHON! SEPUTUS is a long-running extreme metal collaboration between instrumentalist Steve Schwegler and vocalist Doug Moore, both currently of New York experimental metal act Pyrrhon. Founded in 2005, SEPUTUS produced a number of "lost" / unreleased recordings before slipping into inactivity circa 2009. Inspired by his experiences in the U.S. military, Schwegler revived SEPUTUS in 2013, composing and recording the bulk of a new album himself before leaving the service in 2015. The band added bassist Erik Malave (also of Pyrrhon) that same year, and SEPUTUS completed the resultant official debut LP, MAN DOES NOT GIVE, shortly thereafter. MAN DOES NOT GIVE is a harrowing journey through the oozing depths of dissonant '90s-era American death metal, tempered by black metal melancholia and braced by elements of grind, thrash, and industrial noise. Lyrically, MAN DOES NOT GIVE reflects on the violence, uncertainty, and abjection that drive the machinery of modern life.


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