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Deathtale - The Origin Of Hate

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CD - Death-Metal

Deathtale - The Origin Of Hate

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Deathtale - The Origin Of Hate
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The band was founded in 2008, raised up from the Thrash / Death Metal band Demolition, founded by Tom Krautner in 1996.The development of the music, which is technically more mature and more melodious, is based on international standards.Biting, multi-layered vocals combined with impulsive, powerful melodies and challenging guitar solos leads to intense “metal compositions”.Deathtale is not a band with political ambitions or background. Deathtale is a mouthpiece and a form of expression for those who appreciate life, against injustice, abuse of power, political arbitrariness and any kind of oppression. Together with their music, powerful concerts and planned tours, it is the goal to reach as much like minded metal and music interested people as possible.Deathtale are ready to release their third album of studio "The Origin of Hate"


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Erscheinungsjahr 2018
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