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Rumours - Neither Innocent Nor Wavering (Ep)

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Vinyl-Maxi - Classic Rock / Psychedelic

Rumours - Neither Innocent Nor Wavering (Ep)

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Rumours - Neither Innocent Nor Wavering (Ep)
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Black vinyl incl. printed innersleeve + Downloadccode / RUMOURS deliver a perfect symbiosis between classic and fully straight-ahead heaviness, a somehow punkish rawness combined with an urban street poetry on their very first material. You get bitter disillusion and cynical bleakness packed into four grandly blistering smashers. A colorful blackness in savage major and blood minor: pumping, driving, and focused rock music with a point-blank hatred and sometimes even an apathy for this world. Far away from proggy meandering, tense vintage nostalgia, and today?s ?occult? razzle-dazzle, RUMOURS just walk the path of simple-but-urgent ROCK history. For all those who ran dry since the rawness of -Climax- , the darkness of -Sister- , and the magick of -Come Reap- and yearn for something special...RUMOURS bring sour rain and fuel the fire.


Artikelnummer 136678
ISBN Nicht verfügbar
Umschlagszustand Neu
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Neu / Gebraucht Neu
Erschienen bei Sepulchral Voice / Lupercalia Records
Interpret Rumours
Zustand Nicht verfügbar
Erscheinungsjahr 2020
EAN 4260255249432
Format Vinyl-Maxi