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Coffin Rot - A Monument Of The Dead

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LP - Death-Metal

Coffin Rot - A Monument Of The Dead

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Coffin Rot - A Monument Of The Dead
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Ltd edition 250 copies on black vinyl ! Old-school death metal harkening back to no-bs early-90's horror-themed filth With their authentic, no frills approach, Portland, Oregon's Coffin Rot sound as if torn straight from the grave of the early '90s. Grisly minded, old school death metal, inspired by gore, torture, serial killers, cannibalism and surgery, the 8 tracks here bludgeon with a visceral, grotesque savagery sure to appeal to fans of Autopsy, Morta Skuld, and early Cannibal Corpse. Following their well received and quickly sold out 4 track demo, A Monument to the Dead is Coffin Rot's first full length and is a collaborative release between upstart, Maryland based Rotted Life Records and Swedish stalwart, Blood Harvest Records. Features vocal contributions from Aaren Pantke of Molder, and Dustin James of Church of Disgust. Old school death metal for fans of Cannibal Corpse, Autopsy, Brutality


Artikelnummer 130502
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Erschienen bei Rotted Life
Interpret Coffin Rot
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Erscheinungsjahr 2019
EAN 7350057885260
Format LP