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Death From Above - Altered Dimension

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CD - Death-Metal

Death From Above - Altered Dimension

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Death From Above - Altered Dimension
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Digipack / The Bayonne quartet DEATH FROM ABOVE offers us a first album synonymous with dynamite for your ears." altered dimension" oscillates between death us and European death, DEATH FROM ABOVE does not go four ways and throws us 9 shells of brutality cut for the scene. The texts speak of humanity receiving a radio signal lost in space ( "orbital transmission") which will lead the whole species to its loss. Executioners on "power of demons" and "omega destroyer", losing control of time and space on "demonic portal" and "altered dimension", trapped in "parasite hive" and finally game on "vile precursors" and "desperate escape".Will all this apocalypse end on the last piece "pure extermination"?Come and pick up the signal in turn...if you have the guts


Artikelnummer 146188
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Erschienen bei Great Dane Records
Interpret Death From Above
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Erscheinungsjahr 2022
EAN 3663663009406
Format CD