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Demise - De La Manipulacion A La Ignorancia

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CD - Death-Metal

Demise - De La Manipulacion A La Ignorancia

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Demise - De La Manipulacion A La Ignorancia
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Digipak, Death Metallers DEMISE from Caracas, Venezuela, announce their new album, "De La Manipulacion a la Ignorancia" for release through BRUTAL RECORDS. DEMISE plays a musical style that takes the South American death sound of the 80's and also mixes it in with the old style to create some very aggressive and Old school sounding death dark metal, chaotic riffs demolishing everything, guttural voices, warlike melodies and bursts of blast beats which will pierce your body, this is Death Metal the ancient way. Demise "De La Manipulacion a La Ignorancia" speak of much more than Metal, because in the country where perseverance is a scarce virtue and even more the deficiencies and difficulties make this type of samples at-least of this level of quality a true feat and a proof of dedication for what you want, is received with greater satisfaction, as a job has class, is interesting spectacular and destructive. "De La Manipulacion a la Ignorancia" (From Manipulation to Ignorance), where they have the participation with a guitar solo by Dany González de Gruesome & Possessed, and the art made by the Venezuelan illustrator John Quevedo Janssens. 11 tracks in 39 minutes of a Fast and Dark Death Metal plus 11 tracks without vocals totally instrumental!


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Erschienen bei Brutal Records
Interpret Demise
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Erscheinungsjahr 2018
EAN 0731007296188
Format CD