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Dendera - Mask Of Lies

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CD - Hard/Heavy-Allgemein

Dendera - Mask Of Lies

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Dendera - Mask Of Lies
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Fourth full-length album by metalcore band Dendera. - The sound of DENDERA is powerful, expressive, accessible, explosive, professional. “Mask Of Lies” is their come back, it has been a long time coming and a long time in the making from Dendera but the fans will love the growth, expression and passion that they will hear on this new album. This album will take fans on a powerful journey that explores personal themes. The multi-layered songwriting approach means that the music perfectly matches the mood that is reflected in the words being sung. From moments of personal turmoil to overcoming all and achieving greatness, this album will bring raw emotion to the listener’s ears whilst showcasing incredible vocals, riffs and musicianship. The band always tried to strive for is growth in our sound, now people can expect to hear something new from them that pushes their boundaries. When Dendera began there was a clear NWOBHM influence and the love of such bands as Iron Maiden was obvious. As time has gone on, the band has found their feet and grown musically. Taken in by other influences such as Trivium, Lamb of God and other heavier style bands, Dendera have adapted their sound with bigger riffs, harder drums and more recently added scream style vocals whilst also keeping their signature sound of Ash's incredible singing talents. “Mask of Lies” is a musical and emotional journey which explores personal themes with strong and powerful meanings that will grip the listener from the first note to the very last. Featuring incredible clean vocals complimented by hard screams, the musicianship never lets up. Heavy riffs and drums that fans can't help banging their head to are surrounded by soundscapes that can haunt or lift the listener. - For fans of Trivium, Parkway Drive, Tesseract, Dream Theater, Bleed From Within


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Erscheinungsjahr 2024
EAN 8051128622584
Format CD