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Devastation - Idolatry

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CD - Speed/Thrash-Metal

Devastation - Idolatry

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Devastation - Idolatry
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Reissue / Devastation is a Thrash metal band formed in 1986 in Corpus Christi, Texas. Their first show was opening for Anthrax "Among the Living" tour that same year. Despite growing popularity, the band came into hard times due to lackluster Combat Records support in the 90's and broke up after the tour for their third album "Idolatry". Their debut (1987) "Violent Termination" is thrash with an almost Venom-like musical quality. Whereas those two albums border an a death metal sound, this one is delivered with a punk aggression and is certainly influenced by bands like Venom, early Slayer and even a bit of classic metal like Anvil and Priest. As with "Idolatry" (1991), this album was out of print for a long time and highly sought after by collectors and show an important step towards an aggressive thrash metal. In this period, Devastation were one the borderline of death metal ("Signs of Life", 1989), but never actually crossing over into blast beats or growling vocals. The guitars are vicious, being produced by legendary metal factory Morrisound Studios. Unlike the bands that Devastation were compared to, these guys lyrics were anti-Satan and mainly focused on death and life matters.


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