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Ende - L'aube Des Anathèmes

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LP - Black-Metal

Ende - L'aube Des Anathèmes

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Ende - L'aube Des Anathèmes
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Black Vinyl with a Lyric Insert Sheet & A2 poster, ltd to 250 copies worldwide - Ende, a Black Metal outfit hailing from France are ready to unleash their 6th full length album: “L'aube des Anathèmes”. Previously signed to Obscure Abhorrence Productions, the band has released 5 solid albums in the past and continue to do so with their next opus. - L'aube des Anathèmes offers a wide range of the mid 90’s Black Metal sound where you can hear undoubtedly the raw / old school black metal in their sound to a certain point where it gets mixed with the synth instrument (that is very present within the symphonic black metal genre) without sounding to symphonic, but rather haunted or vampiric. The guitars however deliver those vile raw and yet melodic riffs that directly make you forget about all the above and just take you on this wave of melodies throughout the album. The drums are pounding with variations between the old school blast beats and fast blast beats to even mid-tempo and thrash like tempos together with an overlay on low bass tones. The vocals can only be complimented for lifting everything up and finalizing that 90’s sound as a whole! - Ende has delivered an album that is furious, relentless, melodic (with a touch of symphonic) and driven with the old school 90’s black metal sound and all in all managed to wrap it up in a solid production. L'aube des Anathèmes is a must have for the old school, melodic and even pagan fans of the Black Metal genre! - Includes members of Reverence, Venefixion, ex-Arkhon Infaustus, ex-Osculum Infame etc.. - Recommended if you like: Bathory, Burzum, Darkthrone, Gorgorth, Kvist, Satyricon, Sorcier des Glaces, Taake.


  1. Lilitû
  2. Union Triomphante
  3. Cabale Nocturne
  4. Indigent
  5. Favete Linguis
  6. Eclat de Marbre
  7. Renaissance


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