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Gwlt - Die Grundmauern Der Furcht

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Vinyl-Maxi - New-Metal/Hard-Core

Gwlt - Die Grundmauern Der Furcht

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Gwlt - Die Grundmauern Der Furcht
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Black vinyl (140g EP) in gatefold. German crossover sound. The history of GWLT has no beginning. It connects the worlds of its members to form the underlying idea to GWLT. Concentrated energies are creating the ability to use music as a tool to do what everyone in the band wants: To get things moving. It was never about a raised finger or to act as a role model. It was about using music as a vehicle to transport a message of love and anger, about offering more than just entertainment. This is beyond boundaries of styles, scenes and genres. And that’s the way it will remain writing future chapters in the history of GWLT.


Artikelnummer 99489
ISBN Nicht verfügbar
Umschlagszustand Neu
FSK FSK Ungeprüft
Neu / Gebraucht Neu
Erschienen bei Arising Empire
Interpret Gwlt
Zustand Nicht verfügbar
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
EAN 0727361362614
Format Vinyl-Maxi