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Hypnosia - Extreme Hatred

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LP - Speed/Thrash-Metal

Hypnosia - Extreme Hatred

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Hypnosia - Extreme Hatred
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LP Red vinyl limited to 100 copies. Including poster and download card. When you first listen to Hypnosia’s Extreme Hatred you might want to guess where they’re from. Are they from the Bay Area, Germany, Florida, Latin America? Nope, these guys are from Sweden. When in Sweden there was a total lack of Thrash Metal bands Hypnosia arose. A furious mix of Morbid Saint and Kreator was what they unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. Before the world even knew a Thrash revival was on its’ way this album already became a Thrash Metal masterpiece. It came out in the year 2000 in Sweden a country which is not well known for Thrash and it helped resurrect Thrash back to its most savage form. Sure it’s not the most original record and there is very little variation during the entire album, but it Thrashes hard and fast. That’s really all you can ask for in a record like this!


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Erscheinungsjahr 2021
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Format LP