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Idle Ruin - The Fell Tyrant

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LP - Black-Metal

Idle Ruin - The Fell Tyrant

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Idle Ruin - The Fell Tyrant
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td. 250 x black vinyl, 12“ insert, A2 poster, incl. download-code. - Thrashing death. Formed in Australia, now based in Germany. - Crudely fused together in the sweathouse that is Brisbane, Australia comes IDLE RUIN. Combining blackened thrash with classic death metal, IDLE RUIN began as a studio project by drummer/vocalist Liam Anthony during the COVID lockdowns of 2020, before quickly developing into a fully-fledged live outfit. In their short existence, IDLE RUIN has managed to shovel out 3 releases: 2020’s Self-titled EP, 2022’s “Malefactors” split with Germany’s BOUNDLESS CHAOS, and 2023’s full-length album “The Fell Tyrant”


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Erschienen bei Darkness Shall Rise Production
Interpret Idle Ruin
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Erscheinungsjahr 2024
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Format LP