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Infernal Coil - Within A World Forgotten

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CD - Death-Metal

Infernal Coil - Within A World Forgotten

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Infernal Coil - Within A World Forgotten
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With a sound not confined to any limitations, INFERNAL COIL’s devastating sonic aura presents itself as a lethal amalgam of brutal relentless atmospheric ashen death metal mixed with the ferocity of grindcore, all mixed amongst layers of harsh noise and dark ambience.The band’s 2014 demo “Burning Prayer of Infinite Hatred” gave listeners a glimpse into the fury and dissonance the band delves into through a barrage of blast beats, roaring guitars and guttural vocals. Even when the songs find their slower moments, they are defined by an overwhelming intensity and agony.The band would continue developing their material for their follow-up EP “Bodies Set In Ashen Death” but also explore more complex, enchanting boundaries. The musical dichotomy speaks to INFERNAL COIL’s conceptual themes of the natural world’s paradoxes, contrasting the beauty and chaos of nature, as well as humankind’s seemingly inevitable self-destruction. While it never abandons its roots in horrifying intensity, more recent material from the band includes beautiful elements such as orchestral strings and clean vocals.Infernal Coil’s overall representation reflects a strong sense of ethics based in environmentalism. The band rejects the nefarious elements in civilization severing living beings’ connections to their natural state of being, blackening the air, poisoning the water and disregarding the role of non-human animals in the Earth’s ecosystem. It’s message calls on humanity to reject the state of self-imposed enslavement while acknowledging it may already be too late to repent.


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Erscheinungsjahr 2018
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