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Kenosis - Consecrationem

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Vinyl-Maxi - Black-Metal

Kenosis - Consecrationem

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Kenosis - Consecrationem
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White Vinyl, limited edition of 300 copies. A debut theurgical black metal head-trip from new Prosthetic signings, KENOSIS. Kenosis is a creation manifested by Netherlands based duo E.S. Tsel and Mysteriis in order to further develop personal levels of spirituality, musicianship and the fulfilment of a cosmic void. Transcendental black metal transmuted into gold for appreciators of Deathspell Omega, Aosoth, and Schammasch, perhaps. Kenosis (????s??) is a theological term of Greek origin for the "self emptying (of one's own will) in order to receive God and the Divine Will", or a divinity becoming human, by casting aside all divine attributes. The God concept that Kenosis assumes is that of an omnipresent cosmic emptiness, purged of all human characteristics; by becoming empty, one becomes akin to the idea of divinity. For Kenosis it is essential to take distance from the Will, the Self and the dogmatic assumptions to achieve a broader perspective for observation and analysis upon myriads of phenomena. The modus operandi of Kenosis is to engage a concept or experience and meticulously translate the subject into sound. The themes of Kenosis discuss and contemplates existential, ontological and esoteric subjects.


Artikelnummer 122906
ISBN Nicht verfügbar
Umschlagszustand Neu
FSK FSK Ungeprüft
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Erschienen bei Prosthetic
Interpret Kenosis
Zustand Nicht verfügbar
Erscheinungsjahr 2018
EAN 0656191035613
Format Vinyl-Maxi