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Laughing Stock - Shelter

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LP - Progressive-Rock-Allgemein

Laughing Stock - Shelter

Laughing Stock - Shelter
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The Norwegian prog-rock band Laughing Stock is back with their sixth album ‘Shelter’. Shelter is an organization who promises you a new and better life in agreement with nature. Shelter will help you forget who you once were, and the machinery of the life that was slowly crushing you. Shelter’s Master will welcome you with a society based on happiness, love and peace. Doesn’t that sound amazing? The album is about a travel to Shelter – away from darkness and into the light. To realize the potential of the project, Laughing Stock got the legendary artist James Marsh (Talk Talk) to create the wonderful front cover artwork, plus the Shelter organization logo. By listening to the songs and discussing the concept he came up with just the perfect image. You will find Tim Bowness (No-man, solo) doing vocals on the epic closer ‘The Flood’. The CD also includes a single edit of the song, called ‘Memories’. “To work with Tim was a true pleasure, and he also contributed to the writing of the lyrics.”, the band says. - For fans of both progressive and classic rock like Genesis, Camel, No-Man & Talk Talk. - Featuring Tim Bowness (No-Man, Plenty, etc) and guitarist Anders Buaas.


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