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Lucynine - Amor Venenat

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CD - Hard/Heavy-Allgemein

Lucynine - Amor Venenat

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Lucynine - Amor Venenat
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Digipak, Lucynine was born in 2013 as a studio project of the multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer Sergio Bertani. The debut "Chronicles from Leri", a 5-track EP between trip hop, psychedelia and death metal, received a good visibility, helped by the presence of guests like John Baggott (Massive Attack, Robert Plant) and Gigi Giugno (Braindamage). Lucynine is back today, after 7 years of silence, with the obscure "Amor Venenat": 13 tracks, 67 minutes, a concept album that examines the darkest and most negative sides of love. A journey between feelings, lust, suffering, anger and death; a fairy tale with no happy ending. The sound, much more complex and mature than the debut, range from black metal to crust, from punk and post-hardcore to the dark wave of the 80s, with doom and sludge slowdowns, displacing the listener several times. The music is supported by the precious interventions of four Italian well known actors and dubbers: Grazia Migneco, Gianna Coletti, Claudia Lawrence (third classified in the latest edition of Italia's Got Talent) and Dario Penne (Italian voice of Anthony Hopkins, Michael Caine and many others). The record opens with the violent and malignant "Family", immediately passing to the nostalgic tones of "Nine Eleven" and the hypnotic and obsessive hues of "Vetyver 717", a completely rearranged and renewed version of the track that closed the first EP. Punk rock and a little surf mood of "Charlie's Got Blue Eyes" seem to slightly lighten the sky, but it's just an illusion: music gets darker and darker as you go on listening. We move from the onyric "Things I'll Never Know" to the decadent and post punk atmospheres of "Apostasia"; from the stoner doggerel of "White Roses" to the heavy blasts of "Roma Blue", to get to the malevolent curse in "Tutto il Male del Mondo". The album ends with "Everyone I Love Is Dead", Type O Negative cover, the disillusioned violence of "Heartectomy" and the overwhelming "200335310818".


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Erscheinungsjahr 2020
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