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Malicious - Black Fumes

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Vinyl-Maxi - Death-Metal

Malicious - Black Fumes

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Malicious - Black Fumes
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Clear vinyl / In these days of genre saturation, you know you are in for a treat when a band makes it clear from the outset that they are bringing something a little unusual to the table. One such moment is the intro riff of Black Fume's new EP: a sinister lead melody played on bass! Rather than playing it safe and mimicking the riffing, they add an even more emphasized, looser Thrash sensibility not altogether removed from Possessed or Kreator in their prime. Something a little different from what you would expect, then, and all the more welcome for it. Never mind the name-dropping bollocks, Malicious don't need any of it to justify their direction. "Black Fumes" is the sound of a band already offering something special, and with the courage to explore the paths less travelled and come back to tell some amazing tales. Join them while you can


Artikelnummer 116877
ISBN Nicht verfügbar
Umschlagszustand Neu
FSK FSK Ungeprüft
Neu / Gebraucht Neu
Erschienen bei Me Saco Un Ojo
Interpret Malicious
Zustand Nicht verfügbar
Erscheinungsjahr 2018
EAN 5055300396464
Format Vinyl-Maxi