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Seth - La France Des Maudits

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LP - Black-Metal

Seth - La France Des Maudits

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Seth - La France Des Maudits
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Gold 12" vinyl (33rpm) in deluxe gatefold with gold foil, 8-page insert and A2 poster. - SETH presents their latest opus - a black metal gospel according to the damned and the outcast. - An intricate tapestry of shadows and defiance emerges from the darkness of history's recesses, swirling with the mists of apocalyptic visions and the ashes of fallen angels. - Lyrically, La France des Maudits is dripping with the wine of condemned men and the blood of saints, narrating the epic saga of rebellion from the ashes of a fallen Notre-Dame. - Hailing from the heart of French black metal, SETH presents a grim and haunting narrative with their relentless musical fury. Glazed with elements from the French Revolution, their opus takes inspiration from the very streets that bled under the guillotine’s kiss. Experience the auditory uprising in their latest album, La France des Maudits. Here, SETH carves out the anthem for those rising from the ruins, the unyielding, the eternal rebels. This black metal revival offers a narrative of relentless fury, invoking the spirit of insurrection, liberation, and defiance against divine oppression. With tracks such as Paris des Maléfices and Et Que Vive le Diable! they weave a dark tapestry of sound, showcasing their unique niche in atmospheric black metal. Anthems of resistance that echo the cries of a new age unwilling to kneel before divine decay. Dive into the tumultuous serenade of La France des Maudits – an album that roars in the key of revolution. - The focus lies on fans of Black Metal to turn them into engaged listeners and customers. - For fans of Abigor, Mayhem, (early) Behemoth.


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Erscheinungsjahr 2024
EAN 0822603004243
Format LP