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Nifelheim - Envoy Of Lucifer

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CD - Death-Metal

Nifelheim - Envoy Of Lucifer

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Nifelheim - Envoy Of Lucifer
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Luxurious hardcover digibook - It contains the interview and many never before-seen pictures spread over a 30 page booklet. - A very in-depth interview with Tyrant and Hellbutcher highlighting the early days of the band until their last opus "Envoy Of Lucifer" was also conducted for these reissues. - You can read parts of this interview in the corresponding releases as well you will find many unseen pictures and material from the band in the large booklets for every title. - After three highly acclaimed albums Envoy Of Lucifer represents the fourth and last full-length of NIFELHEIM. - Originally released in 2007, the album is certainly the most professional out of the bunch. Benefitting from a rather clean all-analogue production and many years as musicians under their belts the record, most notably, surprises with intricate arrangements, proficient guitar solos and the introduction of new elements to NIFELHEIM's sound. - Hellbutcher's and Tyrant's lifelong worship of IRON MAIDEN has never been more apparent than on Envoy Of Lucifer too. - Despite all this, the album is still 100% NIFELHEIM with all of their trademarks from previous releases intact. - For this re-release Envoy of Lucifer has been been mastered at the correct speed for the first time. Therefore the album can finally be listened to how it was originally supposed to sound.


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