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Nifelheim - Servants Of Darkness

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CD - Black-Metal

Nifelheim - Servants Of Darkness

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Nifelheim - Servants Of Darkness
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Freshly updated version of this raw cult classic from Swedish black metal fiends Nifelheim. - Originally released in 2000 on Black Sun Records, ‘Servants Of Darkness’ forms an important part of the bands catalogue, and is considered by many fans to be their best full length release. - This pressing of the album comes with an extended layout featuring many unreleased photos and images from the era, personally approved and supplied by the band themselves. - Formed in 1990 in Gothenburg Sweden by twin brothers Per (‘Hellbutcher’) and Erik (‘Tyrant’) Gustafsson, early incarnations of the band featured Jon Nödtveidt and John Zwetsloot of Dissection in their ranks, and in total the band recorded four full length albums and several EP’s until recently splitting up,and splintering into two new acts finally laying Nifelheim to rest. - Nifelheim found mainstream exposure and were dubbed ‘Bröderna hårdrock’ (‘Heavy Metal Brothers’) in 1998 when Tyrant and Hellbutcher were featured in a Swedish TV documentary detailing their superfan obsession with Iron Maiden. - Terrorizer magazine ranked ‘Servants of Darkness’ among the ‘Top Albums of the 2000’s’, while Metal Hammer summed up Nifelheim’s musical approach as “clearly taking inspiration from pioneers Venom and Bathory; Nifelheim wear their influences proudly on their spiked sleeves whilst simultaneously injecting a new shot of energy into the old school approach.”


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