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Pyra - Pyra

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LP - Black-Metal

Pyra - Pyra

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Pyra - Pyra
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Black vinyl / Pyra is a new found Black / Death Metal band from Italy who combines the obscurity of Black Metal with the filth of Death Metal into a harsh vile sound that knocks you right out of your seat. The guitar is clear and strong like Black Metal has to sound, yet the underlaying bass is disgusting and heavy like in Death Metal which makes the perfect combination of the two. Not to forget to mention that the drums deliver a raw punchy snare sound that gives this record exactly the feeling that it needs. Last but certainly not least, the intense vocals who sound more Death Metal than Black Metal suit perfectly with the music and actually elevates the complete record to a higher level. With their self-titled debut EP, the band shows that their musicianship is relentless and straightforward. The perfect combination of the two genres on one record that fans of both worlds will enjoy to the maximum.


Artikelnummer 149335
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FSK FSK Ungeprüft
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Erschienen bei Immortal Frost Productions
Interpret Pyra
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Erscheinungsjahr 2022
EAN 0088057077503
Format LP