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Sonic Dawn, The - Phantom

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LP - Classic Rock / Psychedelic

Sonic Dawn, The - Phantom

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Sonic Dawn, The - Phantom
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BLACK VINYL - "PHANTOM" is the fifth album by The Sonic Dawn, unfolding as a journey through 10 acid rock tracks that absorb the impressions of a world gone mad. - Reflecting on the album’s themes, singer and guitarist Emil Bureau notes, “When we sing about killing machines in the sky and the 21st-century blues, I think many will be able to relate. We’re here to say that mankind has a future on this planet if we want one.” -Diverging from the band's earlier work, The Sonic Dawn embraces a more raw and heavy sound on several tracks, complementing the dark themes. Simultaneously, the band's signature melodic psychedelia weaves moments of sonic grace into the tapestry. - Phantom, true to its name, oscillates between horror and reassuring beauty, akin to a fever dream where reality is clung to by a single thread. - “Every song, line, and solo is delivered with intention and intensity. I hope people will receive it as we intend it. That is, as real acid rock from a band with a message,” states Emil Bureau.


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