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Stud - War Of Power

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CD - Hard/Heavy-Allgemein

Stud - War Of Power

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Stud - War Of Power
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STUD is a hard’n heavy rock band from Helsinki, Finland. STUD’s music is catchy and the songs vary from fast to heavy retaining always band’s own, recognizable sound. STUD has released three albums and their fourth album is ready for autumn 2020 release. STUD is a true pioneer of Finnish heavy rock. Band was founded back in 1986, when they released a single of two songs ’Mä haluun elää / Viimeinen yö’, which has gained bit of a cult status and is sought after item among record collectors around the world. The band toured intensively and appeared in Finnish media regularly until they decided to call it quits at the end of the 80’s. In 2011 STUD was born again, and the language was changed to English. After their return STUD has released all their three albums: ’Out of the darkness’ (2013), ’Rust on the rose’ (2014) and ’Circle of lies’ (2017). With each release they’ve grown their fanbase among lovers of traditional heavy rock. In 2019 the band released a full length HD-quality video from their live gig. STUD’s new album is one to wait for. It’s certainly band’s best effort yet and it sounds killer. The best professionals in the business were used in making the album. The album was mastered by Svante Forsbäck who’s worked with bands like Rammstein, Volbeat and Candlemass. STUD has also put a lot of emphasis on lyrics, which clearly have been influenced by the world chaos. The band is eager to release the new album and can’t wait to play it live to their fans.


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