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The Great Old Ones - A Tale Of Dark Legacy

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DLP - Black-Metal

The Great Old Ones - A Tale Of Dark Legacy

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The Great Old Ones - A Tale Of Dark Legacy
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45 RPM white double vinyl limited to 250 copies worldwide / As their name implies, THE GREAT OLD ONES are heavily inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Like the sinister novels and stories of the American gothic horror icon, the music of the French act delves into the forbidden, dark, haunting, and violent spheres of art. Their third album marks another big step in the band's fast rising career. 'EOD - A Tale Of Dark Legacy' keeps the promise of luring its listener deeper into darkness which each new track. Weaving a sinister yarn that constitutes a sequel of Lovecraft's only story to be published as a book, "The Shadow Over Innsmouth". Advanced and melodic black metal of haunting beauty with lyrics inspired by H.P. Lovecraft result in a perfect ensemble. Just listen and you will find out what waits down there…


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Erschienen bei Season Of Mist
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Erscheinungsjahr 2017
EAN 0822603640311
Format DLP