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Undeath - It’s Time… To Rise From The Grave

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LP - Death-Metal

Undeath - It’s Time… To Rise From The Grave

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Undeath - It’s Time… To Rise From The Grave
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Limited clear/green split Vinyl. New York-based Undeath have returned from their mutilated tomb to horrify and dominate death metal's insatiable masses once again. Their blessedly sick new album, It's Time... To Rise from the Grave, shows the reconfigured quintet_Kyle Beam (guitars), Alexander Jones (vocals), Tommy Wall (bass), Jared Welch (guitars) and Matt Browning (drums)_have retained their mind-infecting sonic savagery but weren't satisfied in their pursuit to improve it through wicked (yet studied) reformulation. Certainly, Undeath's 2021 Decibel flexi, Diemented Dissection, paved the way, but it's tracks like "Fiend for Corpses," "Rise from the Grave," and "The Funeral Within" that display Undeath's terrifyingly insane trajectory. Undeath traveled to Philadelphia to record It's Time... To Rise from the Grave with Scoops Dardaris at Headroom Studios in March-April 2021. The group spent two weeks tracking_a song a day almost. Dardaris rough-mixed on the fly during the recording sessions, and then required two more weeks after to finalize the mix. Not ones to sacrifice a working team, they brought on Arthur Rizk (Creeping Death, Enforced) to master. The sonic goal was to get a frenetic, nearly off-the-rails production, but with a discernible, if slightly lived-in line through it. Think: Cannibal Corpse's Vile (Scott Burns) mixed with Carcass' Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious (Colin Richardson). It's Time... To Rise from the Grave isn't just an early contender for death metal album of 2022_it's destined to be a modern-day classic.


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