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Where's My Bible - M 'N' R

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CD - Hard/Heavy-Allgemein

Where's My Bible - M 'N' R

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Where's My Bible - M 'N' R
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Where’s My Bible is a Finnish metal band formed in Heinola 2014, their music blends rock and punk influences with death/black metal. Originally formed with the intention to just have fun and play, the thought of being taken seriously quickly kicked in. While building up a repertoire of material, WMB’s original drummer decided to leave the band for personal reasons. It didn’t take long for the band to find their current drummer, adding the double bass drums and blastbeats necessary for the band to find their style. Soon after WMB found their bassist, who after their first practice session together was added to the band, bringing the band to a full lineup. And so Where’s My Bible was born, and it wasn’t long until the now complete band found themselves recording their first EP. Released in early 2016, “The Beginning” was a major milestone for the band, which is reflected in the title itself. And so it began. Where’s My Bible made their live debut in the spring of 2016 in their hometown of Heinola. The band continued to play assorted shows during the year, and ended up recording a new song. Featuring Leevi Luoto of One Morning Left fame, “Failure” was accompanied by the band’s first music video directed by the young and talented Olli Tiainen. Moving on to 2017, the band entered the inaugural Tuska-Torstai competition hosted by the Tuska Open Air metal festival, winning the contest by storm and securing a spot opening the main stage. The band started off 2018 by starting the recording of their debut album, while also taking part in the annual Emergenza festival, finishing in third place. The band also got to experience their first taste of playing abroad, making an appearance at the Russian Emergenza final. The band is set to release their debut album “M’N’R” (“Mosh ‘N’ Roll”), an energetic and upbeat, yet stout representation of the band’s sound in the fall of 2018. Stay tuned for more.


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