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Wishing Well - Rat Race

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CD - Melodic/AOR-Allgemein

Wishing Well - Rat Race

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Wishing Well - Rat Race
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“Rat Race” is the second album by Finnish hard rockers Wishing Well. Their first album “Chasing Rainbows” was very well received and the band gained name by working together with legendary British vocalist Graham Bonnet on their “Hippie Heart Gypsy Soul” single. They also toured Scandinavia supporting Graham Bonnet Band. “Rat Race” features many hard rock and metal styles from fast power metal of the title track and opening track “Wheeling And Dealing” to slow doom metal of “Pilgrim Caravan” and a lot in between, including epic “Grain Of Sand” power ballad. The album is full of great melodies and Hammond organ gives the songs classic old school vibe, which goes very well together with vocalist Rafael Castillo’s dark and raspy voice that oozes passion and power on every track. “Rat Race” is a versatile and fresh hard rock album with its interesting blend of many styles and some untypical elements such as child choir of “Children Of Paradise” and Arabic violin of “Pilgrim Caravan”. “Rat Race” fully lives up to the expectations made by their debut album two years ago. It will most definitely take the band to the next level and is a great buy for all fans of melodic hard rock and heavy metal.


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