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Zhakiah - Where The Light Will Thread

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CD - Death-Metal

Zhakiah - Where The Light Will Thread

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Zhakiah - Where The Light Will Thread
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ZHAKIAH is concept started by composer Jani Stefanovic who ́s known from bands such as Solution.45, Miseration and Divinefire to mention a few. With a passion for the more extreme parts of metal Jani started to envision of a new album in 2018 where he would handle everything by himself, both instrumentation and vocals except the drums played by Alfred Fridhagen. Zhakiah is the result of that. Melodic death metal with hints to his roots in the infamous Gothenburg sound but with some minor updated touches. Zhakiah is certainly not reinventing the wheel but delivers Melodic death metal with a good mixture of aggressive thrash and double bass drumming with beautiful melancholic melodies and heavy groovy elements.


Artikelnummer 134693
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Erschienen bei Melodic Passion Records
Interpret Zhakiah
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Erscheinungsjahr 2020
EAN 7320470248805
Format CD