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Zimmers Hole - Legion Of Flames

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LP - Speed/Thrash-Metal

Zimmers Hole - Legion Of Flames

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Zimmers Hole - Legion Of Flames
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Limited-edition black vinyl - The sophomore album from Canada’s ZIMMERS HOLE, which featured members of Strapping Young Lad, Tenet, 3 Inches of Blood, Fear Factory, and more. The band began life as a side project for members and friends of STRAPPING YOUNG LAD and not taking themselves too seriously, the lyrical content took inspiration from comedic anecdotes from tours past and other randomness. Originally released on Devin Townsend’s label Heavy Devy Records, ‘Legion of Flames’ was produced by Devin Townsend and the band. This version, which was the first time it was released on vinyl, was released in 2018 by Scrape Records and is being re-released through M-Theory Audio with full cooperation from the band. - Originally released in 2001. - Featuring members of Strapping Young Lad, Devin Townsend, Tenet, 3 Inches of Blood, Fear Factory, Vimic, and more. - Produced by Devin Townsend and Zimmers Hole. - Artwork by Travis Smith (Nevermore, Opeth, Overkill, Avenged Sevenfold)


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Erscheinungsjahr 2024
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Format LP