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Dope - Blood Money Part I

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Vinyl+CD - New-Metal/Hard-Core

Dope - Blood Money Part I

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Dope - Blood Money Part I
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2LP + CD / Dope are back with their first studio output since 2009 Over the course of a decade Dope has recorded 5 studio albums, established an incredibly devoted touring fan base, and sold more than a million albums worldwide. They've shared the stage with bands they love and respect, had their music featured in major motion pictures and in hit videogames like Guitar Hero. According to Edsel Dope, all of those things got topped when he learned that Dope s cult classic song Die Mother Fucker Die was on a short list of songs actually used by the US military to interrogate Iraqi P.O.W s. Yes, the success and growth of Dope is complex and impressive and on their new album, appropriately titled NO REGRETS, Dope continues to show a plethora of reasons that their fans keep coming back for another fix. NO REGRETS is the band s most impressive work to date. The songs are full of heavy metal hooks and the album oozes the riff-driven energy that we ve come to expect from Edsel and his band. The most notable progression on NO REGRETS is the obvious emphasis put on the technical side of the band and their musicianship. It s especially obvious in the guitar work and in the drum patterns. One of our main goals was to smarten things up and to really let the lead guitars shred. The tunes are smarter, but they still have that Dope swagger to them, proclaims Edsel. That approach influenced the drums to get faster, the sound to get more precise, and at the end of the day, made us all have to practice more and play better. It was fun and challenging to push ourselves musically. Edsel produced NO REGRETS at his studio in Chicago, IL and shares the majority of the musical and production responsibilities with his long-time guitarist and songwriting partner Virus. For Dope s latest release NO REGRETS Edsel brings his veteran experience to his fans along with the rebellious energy Dope fans thrive on. And make no mistake, the rebel runs through NO REGRETS much like beer runs through modern day guitar hero Zakk Wylde, who makes an appearance on the CD s first single "Addiction".

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Réf. 106586
État de l'enveloppe Nouveau
Publié 28.10.2016
FSK FSK Ungeprüft
Nouveaux / D'occasion Nouveaux
Apparu à Steamhammer
Interprète Dope
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Année de publication 2016
EAN 0886922668111
Format Vinyl+CD