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Funebrarum - Exhumation Of The Ancient

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Vinyl-Maxi - Death-Metal

Funebrarum - Exhumation Of The Ancient

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Funebrarum - Exhumation Of The Ancient
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Many, many things have happen. Their last sign of life was a split 7 inches with UNDERGANG released through DOOMENTIA back in 2012 and that was it. Rumours after rumours, fans eagerly waited and the recent announcement of a complete overhaul of their line-up worried some but as those four new tracks will prove it, FUNEBRARUM have lost none of their power. Actually, now featuring among others drummer Charlie Koryn from GHOULGOTHA and guitarist Sam Osborne who recently joined DEMONCY, it seems they are now in 2016 even more focus yet rawer and - yes, it is possible! - heavier than ever. Whereas their second full-length from 2009 ¶he Sleep of Morbid Dreams' showcased a faster and more in-your-face approach, xhumation of the Ancient' sees them returning to the (very) putrid sounding and sludgier genre of their earlier recordings: more than ever, founding member and sole survivor of the precedent line-up Daryl Kahan's voice seems to echo from the deepest pits of Hell and with their now even more downtuned guitars, their music nearly matches ETERNAL DARKNESS and MOONDARK. Here, they combine the ancient feeling of the early Finnish and Swedish sound and bathe in an acid bath of doom, rounded up by few creepy dark-ambient interludes that only adds to the overall feeling of claustrophobia. Enhanced by its fitting artwork courtesy of Necromantic Arts (Germany), recorded in only one day on December 6th 2015 to at Volume IV studio in New Brunswick New Jersey and mastered by Kahan himself (who also handled the deign of the whole thing) ahead of their forthcoming European tour with INTERMENT and PUTRISECT that will include a slot of the inaugural edition of the Netherlands Deathfest in Tilburg, 'Exhumation of the Ancient' is probably this year's most rotten and crushing death-metal release, by far. FUNEBRARUM rule them all and there's no turning back. Die!!!

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Réf. 103604
État de l'enveloppe Nouveau
Publié 29.04.2016
FSK FSK Ungeprüft
Nouveaux / D'occasion Nouveaux
Apparu à Doomentia
Interprète Funebrarum
État N/A
Année de publication 2016
EAN 8592735004146
Format Vinyl-Maxi