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Gore - Revanche

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Vinyl+CD - Hard/Heavy-Allgemein

Gore - Revanche

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Gore - Revanche
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'When Gore's 5th album `Lifelong Deadline' was released in 1992 the album was acclaimed by journalists and music lovers as their magnum opus and the majority of people saw the band on the brink of a massive breakthrough. But then the album failed commercially and made its way into the book of legendary, groundbreaking musical efforts and considered way ahead of its time. A suspicion that lingered for 25 years until guitarist Johan van Reede finally started to reconstruct some of the tracks. Expectedly it turned out how vivid these songs still are. The band decided to give it a total overhaul and start from scratch, breathing new life into the album and bringing in Terry Date (Slayer, Pantera, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit) to do the final mixes as well Howie Weinberg for the mastering. And so Gore's `Lifelong Deadline' transforms into Gore's `Revanche', (which is French for `break-even', so not as in `revenge'). 'Revanche' is not a 1:1 copy of `Lifelong Deadline'. It is a rework, a creative interpretation of what it could and should have been in the first place. It's a statement wrapping up a 27 years old unfinished business, accompanied by a limited run of shows and appearances such as on the 20 Years Exile On Mainstream Festival as well as on the 2019 edition of the renowned ROADBURN Festival in Tilburg, NL. GORE are back!

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Réf. 125169
État de l'enveloppe Nouveau
Publié 22.03.2019
FSK FSK Ungeprüft
Nouveaux / D'occasion Nouveaux
Apparu à Exile On Mainstream
Interprète Gore
État N/A
Année de publication 2019
EAN 0811521019903
Format Vinyl+CD